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The AASHTOWare Project product update package, containing installation instructions and application software, has been posted to the Cloverleaf software download area. If you have any issues accessing the update, please send an e-mail to

AASHTOWare Project 3.00 webinars are now available, each providing an overview of a different point in a generic project's lifecycle. They are available by selecting the Products page, and then the "View Webinars" link beside the web-based AASHTOWare Project heading. If you have any questions or issues with accessing the webinars, please send an e-mail to

The preview site for AASHTOWare Project 3.00 production software is accessible from the AASHTOWare Project section of Status & Planning page (requires login). This site allows evaluation of the 3.00 production release of AASHTOWare Project Civil Rights & Labor, AASHTOWare Project Construction & Materials, AASHTOWare Project Estimation, and AASHTOWare Project Preconstruction software. If you experience problems logging in, please send an e-mail to

Welcome to Cloverleaf

Cloverleaf was developed for the AASHTO transportation construction community. Cloverleaf provides up-to-date information about the AASHTOWare Project system and other AASHTOWare® products, events, newsletters, and more.

While the public can access much of Cloverleaf, some pages only Cloverleaf members can access. To become a member, you must be affiliated with a department of transportation that currently licenses AASHTOWare Project. For more information or to become a Cloverleaf member, please contact Info Tech at (352) 381-4400 or e-mail us at

AASHTOWare Catalog

AASHTOWare Catalog
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