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AASHTOWare Project Estimation

AASHTOWare Project Estimation

The AASHTOWare Project Estimation software is a web-based cradle-to-grave estimation application designed to deliver accurate, reliable estimates for your construction program. It is a powerful tool that puts a variety of estimation methodologies at your fingertips. Regardless of the method of estimation you choose, your needs will be met with the AASHTOWare Project Estimation software.

This web-based software is an integral part of the AASHTOWare Project software. The flexibility and data access provided by a web-based tool allows for additional features that increase the accuracy of your estimates. For instance, the system includes bid history profile functionality that is dynamic, eliminating the need for retrieving data from external applications, and granting control and flexibility to the estimator. No longer bound by the pre-determined settings selected by the system administrator, the estimator can exercise full judgment and control over the pricing parameters and make changes on the fly, even on an item-by-item basis if desired. The ability to set profiles to utilize rolling date ranges ensures that an agency can always be generating historical prices from the most recent and appropriate set of data available in the application, eliminating the need for intervention and monitoring by a system administrator.

As a cradle-to-grave estimation system, the AASHTOWare Project Estimation software creates a well-defined audit trail, allowing an agency to carefully monitor scope and budget over the entire lifespan of a highway improvement. A single point of entry for all cost estimates promotes a streamlined workflow for the cost estimate, eliminating the need for internal hand-offs that can lead to inconsistencies and scope creep.

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