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AASHTOWare Project TRACER (TRansportation Cost EstimatoR)

AASHTOWare Project TRAnsportation Cost EstimatoR (AASHTOWare Project TRACER) software is a parametric cost estimating tool created to help plan and budget for transportation construction, renovation, and demolition projects at the predesign and preliminary design phases. AASHTOWare Project TRACER employs pre-engineered model parameters and construction criteria to accurately estimate project costs with limited design information.

The parametric cost approach to estimating differs from traditional methods by allowing users to input a minimum amount of information in order to create an accurate and comprehensive cost estimate. This is achieved by establishing default quantities (inherent to the software) based on similar projects and experienced engineering assumptions. Predefined and documented engineering relationships link preliminary parameters to detailed design assumptions and associated engineering quantities.

For additional information, please contact the AASHTOWare Project Contractor - AECOM

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