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AASHTOWare Project Estimator

AASHTOWare Project Estimator (Highway Construction Cost Estimation)

AASHTOWare Project Estimator is an interactive, PC-based, stand-alone cost estimation system for transportation construction that provides a graphical user interface for the preparation of detailed estimates. AASHTOWare Project Estimator supports generation of cost estimates using cost-based and bid-based techniques.

All base data for these estimates, such as wages, equipment and material costs, production rates, and historical item price estimation data is stored and maintained on the PC. Estimator can import bid-based item price estimation data from AASHTOWare Project BAMS/DSS and supports multiple bid histories from which the user can choose. AASHTOWare Project Estimator can transfer data to the AASHTOWare Project Cost Estimation module for further refinement of estimates and for integration of project estimates into program estimates. AASHTOWare Project is well-suited for distributing the estimation function throughout district offices and for exchanging data with design consulting firms. AASHTOWare Project Estimator is integrated with the other AASHTOWare Project modules, and supports additional file formats, such as XML and HTML.

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